Who We Are

Team Love True is a team, a platform, and a community that empowers world changers to run, bike, swim, and more to fight sex trafficking in New Jersey.

How It Works 

Individuals chose an event and/or goal to use as their platform for fundraising. This can be anything from a triathlon or running race to climbing Mt. Everest to even shaving your head! The idea is to use a momentous and sacrificial event in your life to inspire others to join you on your world changing journey. You then feature your event on a personalized Crowdrise website and ask others to sponsor your efforts right from your page.

Community & Team Events

While fundraising efforts are done on an individual level, we believe that the best world-changing is done with encouragement from a like-minded community. 

DIY Events 

Take Team Love True wherever you go. If you are unable to participate in a scheduled team event, or already have an event for which you are training, you are still able to participate in the raising of funds and awareness. Just personalize your Crowdrise page for your chosen event/goal.

Not an athlete? Not a problem!

Team Love True is not limited to athletic events alone. Want to give up birthday presents for a higher cause? Participating in a dance-a-thon? Fasting from social media for a year? Our Crowdrise site can be used for fundraising for all of these and more. If you have any questions about alternative ideas for raising funds & awareness, email chloe@love-true.org. But chances are, if you can dream it, you can do it.


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