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While holding fast to our long-term goal of opening a residential restoration home, we also have recognized the need to help survivors before having a brick and mortar place of restoration. Love True’s revised Restorative Care model comes alongside individuals who have been enslaved in the US through domestic sex trafficking and is survivor leader informed. This new model includes Survivor Support, Referrals and Resources and the future Restoration Home. Although housing is still a crucial need, one thing we continue to hear while working with survivors is the need for support, guidance and resources. In response to this we knew we had to expand our vision for survivor care. Our mission is to not just house victims but to come along survivors, seeing them thrive by providing help and guidance.

Love True is currently working consistently with 5 survivor overcomers in varying capacities through our Restorative Care Model. We are grateful for each woman that we are working with and are continually amazed at their resiliency and how powerful each one truly is. 

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Survivor Support:

Our survivor restorative support program is unique to each individual we come alongside. Although the survivor and their situation largely dictate what Love True’s survivor support looks like, we offer to meet with every survivor who reaches out to us to hear what their needs are and what we can do to best help them. For some, they are looking for a safe person to check in with and meet with on a weekly or monthly basis. For others, it may look like someone they can call on the phone and be met by a non-clinical listening ear. In other situations, it is someone to speak with about their healing journey, while going on a walk or sitting in the Love True office doing an art project.

In the future, we desire to see this program grow in capacity and eventually have a clinical therapist on staff that not only can offer survivor support but offer clinical resources and counseling to those who would like these types of services. Although the resources and support may differ from each individual to the next, one common need we continue to hear about is qualified, experienced, affordable therapy options.



Referrals and Resources:  

An essential part of Love True’s Restorative Care Model is helping link survivors to existing services across the state. Trauma specific counseling, therapy and care are extremely difficult to find and can be a daunting task, especially if a survivor has just self identified or come out of a trafficking situation. We sit with survivors and hear how we can best help them and provide them with resources in New Jersey or surrounding states. We have also come along survivors in other agencies to help connect to resources and services. We help survivors research and locate employment opportunities, schooling or college, or other resources they may need.

Due to a lack of survivor specific programs, many individuals are left in situations where they have numerous diverse needs. Not one person's story is the same, so needs are often unmet and differ from person to person. Love True’s survivor Referral and Resource program exists to help provide survivor resources to individuals as they navigate the journey of life beyond trafficking.

This program also includes a small survivor fund that allows us to help survivors in crisis situations, such as covering travel expenses to flee from a trafficking situation, helping cover the cost of therapy and other needs that may arise. We would love to see this fund grow in the future to include aid for other opportunities for survivors.



Restoration Home:

With the guidance of our restoration home sub-committee that includes survivor leadership and other professionals from across New Jersey, we continue to look towards the planning and correct timeline for opening the Love True Restoration Home. This home will answer a small part of the need for therapeutic housing for victims coming out of the oppression of trafficking. Love True has researched treatment models and believes that there are very important Evidence Based practices that should be woven into the fabric of the culture in the home.


Taking a person-centered approach, we will acknowledge that each survivor has had their own set of experiences, beliefs and even wounds.  Each survivor that enters the home will be engaged with respect and acceptance. The home will utilize an individual case management plan, meaning there will be no predetermined length of stay (LOS), but rather a phased timeline dictated by the survivor and her healing process. Young girls can be with Love True as short as three months or as long as three years, allowing them the time and space to discover what it is like to not only survive but to thrive.

While in the home, survivors will benefit from a routine in which they know what to expect each day, which will rebuild their feelings of safety and security. They will be able to engage in a number of healing practices such as gardening, horseback riding, and individual and group therapy that follow trauma specific modalities.

As we have worked with survivors, we have found that the need for housing still exists; however, the immediate need of being connected to services and having support on their healing journey is essential. In the future, we look with excitement for the day we can open the doors of the Love True home and welcome young woman into a safe, secure place where their journey of healing can continue.


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