Our Prevention Program raises awareness of the realities of sex trafficking by educating youth, professionals, and community members about the issue and what they can do to stop it. We host prevention programs for at-risk youth, empowering them with the knowledge of how to avoid the snares of traffickers. We also conduct awareness workshops at youth facilities, on college campuses, in churches, and anywhere events are requested, equipping the community to rise up against sex slavery and become a voice for the voiceless.


Program: Sex Trafficking Awareness Workshop/ Seminar for Youth | Audience: Adolescent boys and girls

Description: For youth in schools, youth groups, after school programs etc. Love True offers this program that is conducive to a school schedule. This discussion-based program will focus both on prevention and general awareness about sex trafficking as well as empower youth to join us in ending sex trafficking    Length: 35-45 minutes

Program: Sex Trafficking Prevention Program (Girls) |Audience: Adolescent girls 

Description: Based on My Life My Choice Curriculum, this is a workshop for teen girls most at risk for being sexually exploited. It is useful in youth treatment facilities, shelters, juvenile detention halls, alternative schools, behavioral health centers and after-school  programs. We will empower and inspire them to view themselves as strong women worthy of love by providing her with the knowledge and skills she needs to evade and escape traffickers. Length: 6-10 weeks total / 75 minutes each

Program: Sex Trafficking Prevention Workshop (Boys) | Audience: Adolescent boys

Description: Written by Love True, this is a curriculum for young men in youth facilities, shelters, juvenile detention centers, alternative schools, behavioral health centers, health classes, and mentoring/after-school programs who are at risk for being sexually exploited or at risk for exploiting others. They will have times dedicated to setting and achieving life goals and learn about proper empowerment, control issues, safely protecting others, how to report trafficking, and how to stand against it. Length: 5-10 weeks total / 75 minutes each

Program: Love True’s Sex Trafficking Training for Professional Youth Workers | Audience: Professional Youth Workers

Description: This training is helpful for  teachers, counselors, nurses, clinicians, officers, and staff of schools and youth treatment facilities. This program has already been held in many centers working with youth and potential victims and has already helped staff identify potential victims so they can begin the road to recovery. Length: 2-3 hours

Program: Love True’s Sex Trafficking Awareness and Education for Parents and Trusted Adults | Audience: Parents, Mentors, and Trusted Adults in the lives of Youth

Description: This seminar will educate both parents and trusted adults about the realities of Domestic Sex Trafficking in America, and provide progressive tools to help them educate their children, or children in their lives, about Domestic Sex Trafficking. This is an interactive workshop, encouraging attendees to rethink the way we approach parenting, mentorship and being a trusted adult. Length: 3 hours

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