Our Prevention Education Program raises awareness of the realities of sex trafficking by educating youth, professionals, and community members about the issue and what they can do to stop it.

Introduction to Domestic Sex Trafficking  |  (60-75 minutes)

This training is focused on providing a general educational overview of  sex trafficking and a few steps participants can take to fight it. 

Youth Focused Sex Trafficking Training  |  (45-60 minutes)

This training, specifically tailored to youth, focuses on prevention and general awareness of sex trafficking and empowers youth to get involved in the fight against it. 

Professional Youth Workers Training |  (3 hours)

This in-depth training, tailored for teachers, counselors, officers, and any other professionals who work with youth, provides information about identification, reporting, communication techniques, and the importance of trauma-informed care when working with survivors of sex trafficking.

Seminar for Parents and Trusted Adults  |   (3 hours)

This seminar provides education about sex trafficking and provides tools for both parents and trusted adults to educate children in their lives about it. Some of the topics covered are healthy communication and boundaries, internet and app safety, and the vital role of a trusted adult.

Workshop for Adolescent Boys  |   (4-6 weeks; 60-75 minutes per session)

This multi-week workshop, utilizing Love True’s self-developed curriculum, focuses on reducing adolescent boys’ risk of being sexually exploited and sexually exploiting others in a discussion-based setting.

Workshop for Adolescent Girls  |  (8-10 weeks; 75 minutes per session)

This multi-week workshop, utilizing the My Life My Choice curriculum, empowers adolescent girls most at risk for being sexually exploited with the knowledge and skills necessary to evade and escape trafficking.


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