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As a growing organization, Love True has many opportunities for volunteers to get involved in. If you are interested in volunteering please contact  for more info. 


Pillar Groups:

Public Advocates: Those who are passionate about awareness. This group of individuals are the ones we count on to put up posters, share articles on social media or talk to friends and family about sex trafficking. 

Providers: This group of individuals are our faithful fundraisers and monthly donors. These people have organized parties, run marathons, raised money on social media, collected donations at their places of worship and have gone above and beyond to make ending sex trafficking a possibility. 

Prayer Warriors: No matter what your faith is, we would love your support through prayer. We have individuals from many faiths praying for the end of sex trafficking. Join us! 


School Ambassadors:

School Ambassadors are youth and young adults who are abolitionists in their schools, intentionally educating and bringing awareness of the realities of Sex Trafficking to those around them by encouraging others to join us in ending trafficking by further education, participation in fundraising towards the restoration of underage victims and living a life free of exploitation. These people are appointed by Love True to represent the organization and the larger mission at hand.

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador to your school please fill out this form and we will walk you through the process!


Come run, walk, cycle, swim, and more with us in 2016 and join us in setting the captives free, one mile at a time. You are invited to learn more about how you can run in the fight against trafficking.