A Letter From Our New Prevention Education Director

After a year at Love True as the Prevention Education Intern during my Master of Social Work program, I have now been hired full-time as the Prevention Education Director, and I couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity!


I came face to face with the reality of sex trafficking through years of research on national and international human trafficking throughout my undergraduate and graduate career, experiences in the domestic violence and sex trafficking fields, and a summer internship in Cambodia while obtaining my undergraduate degree. It is with great expectation that I continue to commit myself to combatting sex trafficking through my new role as the Prevention Education Director at Love True.

There are several things that I am particularly looking forward to as I take on this role. First of all, I will be devoting a considerable amount my of time and energy into ensuring that Love True’s Prevention Education trainings are brought into schools. FBI statistics assert that the average age girls are victimized by prostitution is 12 to 14 and the average age for boys is 11 to 13. However, according to federal and state law, there is no such thing as underage prostitution, but everyone under the age of 18 who is engaged in a commercial sex act is, in reality, a victim of sex trafficking, this is something we make very clear in our Prevention Education programs. Not only that, but people are more vulnerable to sex trafficking in periods of transition: something that kids in school are constantly experiencing. Therefore, in this coming year, we will be taking a proactive approach in contacting schools to schedule trainings in order to educate as many youth and staff as possible.

We will also be evaluating our Prevention Education programs. This will include conducting consistent research into best practices in anti-trafficking education, getting feedback from those who attend our programs, and integrating that research and feedback into our trainings in a way that makes them more engaging, relatable, and informative. One of the core strengths of the Love True team is its innovative nature in anti-trafficking efforts, and that is something that I intend to continue to keep at the forefront by continually improving our material.

Most of all, I want to invite you to join the Prevention Education Program. Whether that is by volunteering, facilitating one of our many programs, requesting that this training be brought to any circle that you are involved in, praying, or donating, please consider joining in.

All in all, as the Prevention Education Director, I am eager to oversee the growth and expansion of the Prevention Education Program in order to educate as many people as possible with the highest quality of sex trafficking education. We anticipate training a variety of professionals, working with youth in differing capacities to see the warning signs of trafficking and how to address it, as well as educating the youth themselves in order to reduce their risk of being trafficked. Finally, we envision welcoming all members of the community, especially men, who are characteristically absent in anti-trafficking efforts, to join in the fight to end sex trafficking.

If you would like to talk more with me, please give me a call at (732) 649-8783 or email me at alec@love-true.org.