Love True works to end sex trafficking through parallel efforts in prevention education and restoration.


Our Prevention Program raises awareness of the realities of sex trafficking by educating youth, professionals, and community members about the issue and how they can be a part of the solution. The community is also being equipped to rise up against sex slavery and become a voice for the voiceless at our workshops and seminars.

We also provide programs for at-risk youth, empowering them with the knowledge of how to avoid the snares of traffickers. Through our Prevention Program, we hope to begin to strike out trafficking at its root, empowering those who can fight and equipping those most at-risk.

To learn more about our prevention program, request a presentation or join our team of volunteers, contact


Our survivor restorative support program is unique to each individual we come alongside. Although the survivor and their situation largely dictate what Love True’s survivor support looks like, we offer to meet with every survivor who reaches out to us and hear what their needs are and what we can do to best help them. For some, they are looking for a safe person to check in with and meet with on a weekly or monthly basis. For others, it may look like someone they can call on the phone and be met by a non-clinical listening ear. In other situations, it is someone to speak with about their healing journey,  while going on a walk or sitting in the Love True office doing an art project.

  • Referrals and Resources:  

An essential part of Love True’s Restorative Care Model is helping link survivors to existing services across the state. Trauma specific counseling, therapy and care are extremely difficult to find and can be a daunting task, especially if a survivor has just self identified or come out of a trafficking situation. We sit with survivors and hear how we can best help them and provide them with resources in New Jersey or surrounding states. We have also come along survivors in other agencies to help connect to resources and services. We help survivors research and locate employment opportunities, schooling or college, or other resources they may need.

  • Restoration Home:

We continue to have a long term goal of opening a residential restoration home. In 2016, Team Love True exclusively raised funds for the restoration home. The Love True restoration sub-committee continued to meet this year, which included survivor leadership and other professionals from across New Jersey. As we have worked with survivors, we have found that the need for housing still exists; however, the immediate need of being connected to services and having support on their healing journey is essential. In the future, we look with excitement for the day we can open the doors of the Love True home and welcome young woman into a safe, secure place where their journey of healing can continue.

To join us in raising funds for this home by becoming a monthly donor, by hosting an event, or by joining our running team,  please contact or call 732.649.8783