We at Love True are making it our lives’ work to see an end of sex trafficking in our lifetime.

Survivors need a place to go for safety, shelter and much needed rehabilitation after rescue, and we plan on giving them just that. Love True is currently raising money to open such a place for domestically trafficked girls ages 13-18 in the state of New Jersey. As of right now, women falling into this category get put into juvenile detention, only to more often than not end up returning to the life from which they came. We seek to change that. These precious souls are not criminals, they are victims, and deserve to be restored to complete emotional and physical freedom.

And we’re not stopping there.

Through our Prevention Education Program, we seek to educate youth in vulnerable communities with the wisdom they need to avoid the snares of being trafficked. We also will educate students and members of the community on the trafficking problem in their own backyards, and empower them to make a difference. Through these programs, we seek to stop the problem before it starts. Won’t you join us?

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